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Banwood是一個家族式生活品牌,熱衷於為兒童打造高端平衡車商品,核心價值在於安全、高品質和永恆的設計。創始人Juan Manuel Torralvo Castro和Frida Jonsby在德國相遇,這是品質和安全的發源地,他們發現Frida對設計的關注以及Juan家族有製造背景非常契合。Banwood的想法源於對自行車的共同興趣以及如何將其實現有不同的點子,因此實用與美感兼具的平衡車就此誕生。

Banwood create contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the keywords throughout the creative process are simplicity, minimalism and functionality.
The bikes are designed in rustic and durable high- end materials. The frame is made of steel and the handlebar of aluminium. The saddle and grips are made of high end faux leather, a material suitable for all round weathers and easy to wipe off. Detachable wicker basket in rattan for packing the essentials in for a day’s adventure.
Within each phase, from designing and manufacturing to delivery and use, we pay close attention to each step it takes to offer a great bike experience.
Our bikes are tested rigorously to fulfil strict safety and quality standards as well as our own high expectations.


Bobbin 創始於 2007, 是英國最受歡迎的獨立休閒腳踏車品牌.

在專業腳踏車領域,Bobbin 融合了生活美學,在腳踏車界注入了一股新潮流.

Bobbin 秉持著質感,美學與實用兼具的精神,榮獲為英國劍橋大學腳踏車品牌的指定製造商.
Bobbin 兒童車系列經過精心的設計,嚴格的測試,每輛車皆為手工打造,手工上漆,就是為了呈現最完美的腳踏車給小騎士.

快來加入我們,一起進入 Bobbin 的世界吧!



Bobbin is an independent bicycle brand based in North London. We are united with our customers through a shared love of aesthetics, freedom and fun. We design bikes for everyday life. So if you are aged 2 to 92, you’ll find a two-wheeled companion in the Bobbin range. 
We have blazed a trail since 2007 and are known as Britain’s best-loved leisure bike brand. 50,000+ riders around the world can’t be wrong! So why not join us in Bobbin World? You can now purchase direct from us here on OllieBowBow’s site, with home delivery or local Collect options available.
Happy Cycling! x